Think You Want a Shooting Star Tattoo?

My girlfriend thought she wanted a shooting star tattoo. In fact, she knew she wanted one, so she made an appointment with a local tattoo shop. She told me she'd call me when she had chosen a design, as it was her first tattoo and she wanted everyone's input and opinion before going in and having it done. I had to explain to her how tattoos were given, whether or not they hurt (isn't that always the question people ask you about your ink?), and explain placement is of the highest consideration. When she called me however, she wasn't telling me to pick her up and look at the designs she found; she was calling to say she had the tattoo done and she hated it. Now once this bad boy is on you, you pretty much have it for good. You can have procedures to remove tattoos but they are amazingly expensive and I've heard painful for some. I guess my take is that if you are careful enough when you get a tattoo, even a shooting star tattoo like she did, you better be darn sure you want it and love the design (which she did not). The problem is that she walked into the studio, looked at the designs on the wall and chose one. She didn't talk about placement, so it ended up on her calf, and the design doesn't sit well there. She also chose a terrible yellow and, against her natural skin tone, it appears as though she has a discoloring; not a piece of art. Moral of the story folks is that shooting star tattoo, and any other tattoo for that matter, needs to be thought through and planned a bit; at the very least you should have the best placement, colors and of course design (chopper-tattoo has great designs if you need some). She has the tattoo still and hates summer when her legs are showing and really, this shouldn't be the case. So take a few minutes and make sure you know what you're doing before you take action because you can't easily undo it once it's done.