Where to Put That Perfect Tattoo?

                      With any tattoo, the design and style are a huge factor in getting what you want. Placement should also be weighed greatly as well. One might look great on your shoulder while it doesn't quite fit on your leg. Having an idea on what looks good on different parts of your body will help you decide what tattoo to get and where. The back is a very popular place to get a tattoo. Whether it is the lower or upper back, you will have a lot of room to play with. The back gives way to large to medium size tattoos. Some example designs would be the butterfly, tribal, fish, dragons, angels, fairies and many more. The back is perfect for these tattoos because of the symmetrical shape. Anything that can stretch the length and width of the back are perfect. You might also notice a lot of arm and wrist tattoos. The arm is a great place because it is an appropriate place to show off while lending itself to thousands of different designs. The armband has become a very popular tattoo among young men. The shading helps define the bicep muscle. Another famous arm tattoo would be the wrist tattoo. Both these designs make use of the circular pattern by wrapping it around the arm. Some other tattoos that are used on arms would be hearts, koi fish, tattoo sleeves, tribal tattoos, national flags, writing and many other designs. The chest is often overlooked as a possible spot for tattoos but for men it is a great location. Like the armband designs, chest tattoos is a great way to show the definition of your muscles. Chest tattoo designs are often small the medium in size and can be almost anything you want. Some people get writing on their chest because it is close to the heart. With a chest tattoo you also have the option of getting a tattoo that spans across both breasts. Ankle and foot tattoos are also great tattoos to get. Typically, these tattoos are geared more towards women but they work on men as well. They are always small tattoos but are sometimes added on to larger leg tattoos. Typical designs include stars, fish, tribal designs and flowers. Getting a foot tattoo will allow you to show off a design when going barefoot or wearing sandals. However, anyone getting an ankle or foot tattoo should be aware that these are painful tattoos. Anywhere you have skin you can get inked. The possibilities are endless. However, there are several spots that just work. I encourage you to consider these spots as the place for your next tattoo. Whether it is your first or your tenth tattoo, all these spots will work well for you in canvassing your body.