Foot Tattoo Designs For Women

                            Are you a woman and you want to get a tattoo, such as foot tattoo designs for women? You may have plenty of strong reasons for getting one, since getting one is usually a very painful process and is usually frowned at by society especially when you are a woman. One such reason may be to look cool and sexy, and to impress other people such your friends, family, or even total strangers with your tenacity in getting a tattoo. Another reason is when you are an artistic woman and you want your own body as the canvass or the painting of pictures you like or imagine. You may also perceive tattoos as a mode of self-expression using your own body, which is to emphasize your individuality and own personality as a person. It may also be professional reasons or to use the tattoos for your professional career. Of course, it would not of any use for normal jobs in the office but it would be very helpful if you are a model, an actress, or a dancer. Tattoos undoubtedly boost the sexiness level or sex appeal of a woman, which complements or emphasizes certain sexy parts you want the others to see. As we all know, tattoos are drawn and embedded in the skin, which if tattooed in the ordinary way through needles, it will be a permanent mark on your skin. The only way to remove is through laser technology which is a very expensive process and may also leave scars on the skin, especially for the delicate skin of a woman. Hence, you have to be very careful when you bent on getting a tattoo. First, you should experiment by having certain body parts tattooed, to see if you really want. Of course you have to choose a body part or the skin area which is not readily seen by everyone. To do this, try foot tattoo designs for women. Since this is the least noticeable part of the body, especially when you are wearing shoes, you should try the tattoo here first. It will enable to assess or gauge whether a tattoo really makes you feel sexy. If you like the tattoo due to the fact that most people compliment it or find it cute or sexy when you show them, you cant start putting tattoos in certain areas of your body. Another method also for foot tattoo designs for women is using the henna tattoo. Since most girls are usually scared of the pain the conventional method of tattooing causes, or are scared of the thought of the permanent nature of the tattoo, they usually opt for henna tattoos which are similar to stickers. However, this is not advisable for foot tattoo designs for women. Since henna are sticker tattoos, they usually melt in a humid and hot place such as inside the shoe. This will make the tattoo paint scatter which will make the resulting mark almost impossible to remove. Foot tattoo designs for women are very appropriate for women who want to show off their legs, or would want people to notice them. It complements the beauty of the lower part of the body such as the legs and feet by turning the attention of the bystander to the tattoo, which in effect, makes them also appreciate the areas which contain the tattoo. There are many foot tattoo designs for women but the most common are single pictures or illustrations such as images of butterflies, roses, or whatever design you want. However, there are talented and experienced tattoo artists who can make tribal designs which can cover the whole feet with designs. Whatever foot tattoo designs for women you want, show it to everyone!